Hiral (Vyas) Dave

Independent Software Consultant, www.hiralvyasdave.com

Ms. Hiral Dave, known as Hiral (Vyas) Dave on social media, is from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. She is an Independent Software Consultant having more than 13 years of core experience working on diverse projects and products using various software technologies with globally acclaimed clients at different locations in and out of India. 

She is MCA [Masters in Computer Applications], PMP [Project Management Professional certified by Project Management Institute, USA], C# specialist, CPSA-F [Certified Professional for Software Architecture-Foundation Level] and a data science aspirant.

She is the first “Independent Software Consultant” from India who is iSAQB [International Software Architecture Qualification Board] Accredited Trainer and Training Provider for CPSA-F [Foundation Level] training.
She trains and consults software professionals and software companies in and outside of India to develop more sustainable quality software.

She represents herself as a technical expert, excellent communicator, avid learner and trainer, project strategist and manager, who is passionate about designing, developing and managing software with an appropriate software development life cycle.

She is a person with an appropriate blend of technical and management skills, which is most desirable in today’s challenging world. As a strong believer of organized life, she puts into practice those values at the professional front as well. Personally, having a liking towards travel and exploring new things, physical fitness, and also an apt towards art helps her balance the thought process in worst situations.

Being passionate to learn and teach helps her leverage the management and technical skills. Teaching and training are in-born qualities she inherited from her parents being educators. She started her journey in the software industry as a trainer for MSOffice and HTML while she was still pursuing her studies for post-graduation. In 2004 she moved to core software development work and that took its own heights.

During her tenure working in the core software development industry, she realized the distinctions and gaps in the implementation of software architecture in the mainstream designing of software. This is where in 2018 she decided to get more insight on the software architecture field and leverage the knowledge to train aspiring software architects. She started working as an independent consultant from 2018. And the journey is still going on.

Lightning Talk by Hiral (Vyas) Dave
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